I thought it would be great to make an English thread and write some comments in English!

Today, I’ve watched “Emily in Paris”. Lilly Collins is staring in this tv show, and I love it. Going to a new country is always a harsh thing and the film expresses that well. Emily, a protagonist, moves to Paris from Chicago for her company’s business. Her boss was the one planning to go to Paris, but she got pregnant unexpectedly, so Emily was chosen instead of her boss. Well, she doesn’t speak French at all, but she has confidence all the time in spite of language problems and cultural struggles. That’s really a thing that should be praised.

I’ll write it more next time.

Oh, and one more thing. This is a very interesting film for me! I highly recommend to watch it.

Oh I am really happy to find Engligh thread! Can you speak english well as American? I'm korean but I think I'm good at speaking english. LOL

Well i also watched "Emily in paris" but i don't think the story is good. I mean it's a little bit exaggerated about french people and also american. And sometimes there r there r some of uncomprehended things like emeily always handle somethings and even she can't speak french at all and went there for businesses how most of everyone accept her. Anyway but this show is good for killing time
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