I think thredic users are so cute.

>>2 so do you? wow i think we can be a friend!

>>4 oh... congratulation.... this is not what i mean.. but ok! you are thredic user so, you can be a cute person!~

>>10 omg this is so cute!!! how did you make it??

Am i the only one in this thread??? I’m sooooooo lonely.

SOMEBODY plz enter this place and play with me....

Oh. someone is singing a song lol it sounds horrrrroooooobbbblllleeeee,,,

i’m soooo lonely.. I want to talk with someone by english.. but.. no one is in here

I'M HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what 🤷‍♂️❓✨❓🤷‍♂️❓🤷‍♂️❓🤷‍♂️✨✨✨🤷‍♂️❓✨🤷‍♂️❓🤷‍♂️❓✨🤷‍♂️❓✨🤷‍♂️✨❓❓✨🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️❓❓ ur ugly haha just kidding 🥺💕 UR FACE LMAO💖

>>16 woooow you are my angel nice 2 meet u!!!!

>>17 what??!!!!!??? How could you....

hey everybody~ plz tell me anything~? I’m listening right now~~~~!!!!

>>19 i hate u im just kidding ha

>>21 Is that a only word which you can say?? hahaha stupid!!

>>22 DO YOU KNOW hahaha?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>22 asswhole shut the fuck up it was a joke bro

>>24 yes! of course i know the meaning of hahaha it is Korean’s laughing sound! right?

확실히 다들 영어를 못하긴 하는구나.. ㅎ

>>28 i am so sorry about "asswhole shut the fuck up" i am sorry 💖💖💖

>>29 어이 쉿 니가 함 영어 해바라

>>31 okay! I’ll shut my mouth!! haha

>>33 i am sorry 얘기 했잖아 왜 랭귀지 거려

>>31 Excuse me?? I’m the owner of this thread why don’t look my ip?

>>35 because you repeat the bad word again in your sentence

>>37 아니 그 말을 했던것에 사과를 했어 "about" 어바웃 어바웃 do u understand?

>>39 okay bro~~~~♥♥♥♥

>>40 oh.. lots of beutiful heart

no one again??? am i alone again???? holly shit

i want to talk with other people. people who love this thredic. or whoever. I’m soooo loooonnnnnneeeeelllllllllyyyyyy!!!!

>>44 oh do not leave me alone..

oh hello me no english mo ra haneun ji mola yo

Are you american?? Me either!

외국인의 입장에서 너희들 넘 귀엽당 ㅎㅎ...

>>50 Of course! we are cute because we are threader

>>52 okay injung >>54 kawaii is japanese

>>54 what?.. I hate Japanese. Japanese are not cute. they are dirty..

>>56 i’ll pray for your good result!

>>58 Thankyou😃 you're so nice threader :)

¿Solamente en inglés? ¿puedo hablar en español?

>>60 El español está bien también, pero nunca he hablado español en la comunidad en internet.. ¿puedo comunicar contigo?

>>62 sisi obviamente! es que aunque el español es el segundo idioma más hablado en el mundo, en Corea es muy dificil ver a alguien que sepa hablar en español. además en el internet también es dificil de verlas porque si no es que uno se entra a algún sitio internet de los países del continente americano es dificil de ver a algún hispanohablante.

누가 나보고 콩글리쉬 하지 말랬는데 누구냐 come on u wanna die?

>>65 아 미안해 제목이 바뀐거였구나 i’m sorry 😋😋😋

hi! you guys are so cute omg...

In my opinion, I'm not good at reading english. So I can't read this thread from beginning to end. Plus, I don't know if it's grammatical.

Hi, everyone, do you know who I am? - It's Lee Ha-nee! It's Lee Ha-nee! Sorry. I wanted to give it a try. HAHA I think it's too old, right?

>>71 you are sooo funny haha i know that song lol

>>70 it's okay. if you love thredic, you can enter this thread whenever you want!

Um...I have one question. What is the "lol"? I wonder that word. If My english is so like trash, I'm so sorry... (p_q) あの、実は日本語の方がもっとやすいなので、一回使えてみました。英語スレなのに日本語を使えてごめんなさい···。(´•ω•̥`) で、あの"lol"、という言葉はいったいなんの意味なんですか。(・о・)?

>>74 is short for Laughing Out Loud. It means that in addition to smiling, he or she laughed very hard

>>74 Itls okay you donlt need to be perfect

>>75 !! Thank you so much!! I can understand very easily!! >>79 thank you : ) >>80 No no, I'm Korean. Just I think that tell by english, filling a japanese in my head. So I used the japanese. It don't have big reason. I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable.
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